The New York Board of Regents is determined to pour unprecedented sums into more standards, more tests, and more tests and more standards.

Two Regents have opposed this determined focus on standards and testing: Regent Betty Rosa of the Bronx and Regent Kathleen Cashin of Brooklyn. Interestingly, these are two of the few experienced educators on the state board.

In this article, Regent Rosa blasts the board’s agenda.

“In fact, she thinks the Common Core program is based on incomplete, manipulated data.

“They are using false information to create a crisis, to take the state test and turn it on its head to make sure the suburbs experience what the urban centers experience: failure,” said Rosa, a former teacher, principal and superintendent from the Bronx.

When even members of the Regents recognize that state policy has generated a “manufactured crisis,” wouldn’t you think that other members of the board might stop and think?

Time for the Regents to step back and ask whether higher standards and harder tests are the best way to improve academic performance.

If students can’t jump over a four-foot bar, will they do better if the bar is raised to six feet?

Why not use those billions to provide the support that students and teachers need–like smaller classes, universal pre-K, and after-school programs– instead of pouring it into more measurement?