At the 2012 Democratic national convention, the governor of
Massachusetts raved about the success of a school called Olive
Gardens, where the 80% of the staff was fired, and many
inexperienced TFA were brought in. EduShyster points out that
Charlotte M. Murkland Elementary School is even more
successful, yet there were no shoutouts at the Convention, no trips
to the White House, no national press coverage. I wrote a post about
the Murkland school based on a story in the Lowell newspaper.
EduShyster has visited the school many times. In her post linked
here, she explains the ten ingredients that created a dramatic and
genuine success story. Here is ingredient number 10: “10. Speaking
of Time, this Miracle Didn’t Happen Overnight The Murkland’s
turnaround began in 2009 and the school has showed steady and
impressive growth each year since then. Which means that the
school’s success isn’t short term or illusory. And that may be the
very best part of this story.” Read her post to learn about the
other 9 crucial elements of sustained and sustainable