Since I started this blog, I have periodically named people as heroes of American education because they have been courageous in standing up for the rights of children, for good education, and against powerful and misguided policies that do harm to children and public education. Some have risked their careers and liivelihoods. They deserve recognition.

Now along comes John Merrow, whose work I have often praised, comparing me on his blog to the Tea Party extremist on the right Ted Cruz.

Merrow also takes a gratuitous slap at people who support my views, calling us leftists. That’s wrong. I speak up on behalf of educators And parents, not the left or the right or any political faction.

I was stunned. I sent him the following response.


I was hurt by your comparing me to Ted Cruz

Very offensive

I have no staff, no funding. I take insults and abuse on a daily basis. I am 75 years old and doing what I think is right.

I don’t claim to be a hero

I haven’t taken a bullet like the staff at Sandy Hook

I regularly name hero superintendents and parents and teachers who have the courage to speak up for what’s right

I was about to write a column naming you a hero for your pursuit of the truth about DC and the obloquy you took

No point to that now

I just don’t understand your sly putdown of me