North Carolina is blessed to have a state superintendent, June Atkinson, who has said publicly that in her thirty years as an educator, she has never known a worse time for public education in the state. So far, she has been unable to slow down or shame the privatizers now running the state’s education system into the ground. She needs help.

This North Carolina teacher wonders if there are district superintendents like our hero educators in upstate New York and in Long Island who are willing to speak out on behalf of children, teachers, and communities. Are they willing to stand up to a reckless, extremist legislature and governor who are determined to privatize education and monetize the children?

After she read what Dr. Teresa Thayer Snyder wrote, she commented:

“She is a courageous and humble inspiration. Her message went viral, much to her surprise, and now being honored by you, Diane, that message will reach even more people. I know that we must have administrators like Teresa in NC, who will one day speak up for us and stand with us. When I first read Teresa’s blog post I wept. I thought maybe, just maybe, we CAN save public education.”