Arthur Goldstein reviews StudentsFirst’s charge that Mayor Bloomberg and his Department of Education were assigning poorly-rated teachers to high-minority schools.

It is mildly amusing to imagine that StudentsFirst and Mayor Bloomberg are adversaries, as Goldstein points out. They have a shared interest in demonizing teachers, demanding that they be held accountable for test scores, no matter what other factors are at work.

As Goldstein writes:

“I didn’t realize these schools were dispensing more U-ratings, but it’s fairly easy to guess why. For one thing, there is a direct correlation between low-SES and school closings. Schools with high percentages of high needs kids tend not to get high test scores and are therefore considered failing. It’s the school’s fault the kids have learning disabilities, and it’s the school’s fault the kids can’t speak English. No excuses. Just because the kid arrived from the Dominican Republic four days ago, that’s no reason he can’t write that essay about American history.”