I have never debated Michelle Rhee.

I am ready and willing whenever she is.

At a panel discussion convened by Henry Louis Gates Jr. at Martha’s Vineyard in 2011, Michelle and I were on the same panel.

I arrived a day early, knowing how beautiful Edgartown is. Michelle arrived literally one minute before the panel started. She flew in from Florida, after speaking to an event on behalf of the for-profit charter operator Charter Schools USA. Although there was a lovely reception afterwards, she did not stay for it, so we had no time to talk.

You may recognize some other members of the panel. It was moderated by Charlayne Hunter-Gault. Dr. James Comer was there, as was Dr. Laurence Bobo of Harvard and Dr. Angel Harris of Princeton. If you have time, you should watch the whole panel discussion. It was outstanding.

Michelle and I had only a few direct exchanges, but you will get a sense of our differences on this Youtube video, which someone unknown to me edited and forwarded.