While we were celebrating Steve Zimmer’s thrilling win over Kate Anderson in the Los Angeles school board race, the corporate reform crowd had to figure out how to spin this embarrassing defeat.

Here it is, fresh from Twitter: Deasey kept his school board majority! Monica Garcia was re-elected! Big money saves Deasey!

Inconvenient facts: The billionaires put together about $5 million to beat Steve Zimmer, who is a member of the school board in his first term. Steve is an independent thinker who dared to propose oversight for charters and a moratorium on new charters until the board had established some means of holding them accountable. Steve is also a TFA alum who remained as a public school teacher for 17 years. To the billionaires who own the charter movement, he had to be punished.

Monica Garcia, the board president, had about $1 million of the billionaire fund and four opponents. The man who came in second–Robert Skeels– raised about $20,000.

So now the corporate reformers are exulting that they helped Garcia beat back Skeels.

Really, they are pathetic.

Spare a little sympathy for those who just suffered a huge loss and are trying to salvage something from the wreckage.

Tears for Goliath.