A note from a teacher who was one of those rehired for a turnaround school.

Thank you, Michael Bloomberg and Arne Duncan, for the unnecessary damage you inflict on schools, communities, students and teachers, all the while publicly proclaiming that it’s “for the children.”

Yesterday I made a sojourn into my school, one of the 24 closing schools. (I say my school because I was hired back although the bloodletting that followed the ridiculous interview process fills one with survival guilt.) I called first to make sure the building was open and was told “Yes” and headed in to feed my classroom fish.

When I arrived at school you would have thought I was trying to penetrate the Pentagon or CIA. I was told by people, first security, then 2 APs and a secretary I “cannot be in the building.” I kind of told them that I had called first and just kept on walking to my room. I half expected to be physically stopped although that did not happen.

Whatever the reason for making the building a no-fly zone, all the recent events have left me and many of my colleagues shell shocked. I am naturally cynical but not paranoid however this whole process has left many of very suspicious. The scars of these last few months will not be limited to teachers; the students will bear scars as well. A little paranoia and a distrust of people in suits may turn out to be beneficial in an evolutionary sense. Still, I wonder what directive they may have gotten from the Chancellor and what mischief the mayor may be cooking up to get out of this decision.