John Merrow looks at the deeply partisan divide in our country and thinks about ways that we can communicate with each other.

Three Big Questions:  1) How many of the nearly 73 million Americans who voted for President Donald J. Trump can be persuaded to support President Joe Biden? 2) How can we connect with them?  3) Can we fix our schools so they don’t keep turning out angry and disaffected graduates who eagerly support demagogues?

I suspect that the racists, the white nationalists, the misogynists, and other close-minded bigots who voted for Trump aren’t persuadable, nor are greedy, selfish voters who care only about their finances. 

But, as I see it, that leaves many millions of Trump voters who might be open to change. Let’s not scorn or mock them but rather try to understand their position.

To change the minds of adults who voted for Trump, we have to persuade them that their government works for them. Because actions speak louder than words, I think we need drastic action, a modern-day GI Bill that includes action on at least these four fronts:

Open the link to see what those “four fronts” are.

Do you agree?

The Trump voters in my family are beyond persuasion, but I agree with John that we must do a better job of arming everyone against racism, misogyny, and demagoguery. I once had a conversation with George Lakoff about how to persuade people. We spoke for two hours. He told me that liberals make rational appeals, and conservatives tell stories. The latter works better, he said. Not because they are true but because they persuade on an emotional level.