In an editorial, the Los Angeles Times again defended Superintendent John Deasy from critics who were appalled by the appearance of rigged bidding on a $1.3 billion tech contract.

The editorial shifts the debate, saying that somehow the disgruntled members of the school board are actually stooges for the teachers’ union, which the editorial writer obviously despises.

“At L.A. Unified, tensions are high and crisis is in the air. The relationship between Supt. John Deasy and the school board that oversees him is at what is perhaps an all-time low. Deasy is again muttering about quitting; others are grumbling that he should be fired.

“Not surprisingly, United Teachers Los Angeles, the teachers union, is practically giddy. The union has regularly lambasted the superintendent, calling his performance “anything but satisfactory,” suggesting he be placed in “teacher jail” like a teacher accused of misconduct would be, and making it clear that it would like him to resign. If Deasy resigns, the leadership no doubt figures, it can go back to the good-old days.”

The bulk of the editorial is devoted to attacking the union for seeking higher pay, defending the due process rights of its members, opposing scripted curricula, all actions that the editorialist denounces as self-interested and selfish, while Deasy was defending students. His personal PR team could not have said it better. His problems are the fault of those lazy, greedy teachers and their union, which (in the eyes of the LA Times editorial board) does not care about students.

The readers of the LA Times deserve better. It seems as though the editorialist will go to any lengths to shield Deasy from just criticism or to insist that he be held accountable for his actions. When in doubt, blame the teachers and their union.