Here is the latest summary of testing news from FAIRTEST:

Across the U.S., students are returning to classrooms where even more time will be devoted to standardized exam preparation and administration. Over the summer, some districts developed hundreds of new tests to comply with mandates from federal and state politicians who are still not listening to their constituents


Not surprisingly, the escalating testing frenzy is additional motivation for the nation’s growing assessment reform movement.

Colorado Opt-Out Movement Grows

Large Florida County School Board Votes to Research Opting Out of Standardized Testing

Florida District Test Opt-Out Options Legally Unclear

More Lessons From Atlanta, Georgia Cheating Scandal

Indiana Superintendent Criticizes Politically Motivated School Grading System

Michigan School’s Grade Plunges Due to Administrative Error

Michigan School Ratings Largely Measure Race and Income, Not Academic Performance

New Jersey Test-and-Punish Policies Drive Out Good Teachers

Bad Data Sunk New Mexico Teacher Ratings

New Mexico Governor Candidate Calls for Moratorium on High-Stakes Exams

How New Common Core Tests Fail New York Students

New York Parents and Educators Outraged by Poor Quality, Low Accuracy of Common Core Tests

Common Core Testing in N.Y. Creates a Narrative of Failure

Check Out Pearson’s New York Common Core Test Questions — Can You Pass the Eighth Grade Math Test?

New York State Gives Grants to Districts to Reduce Number of Tests

Understanding The Texas Accountability “Twilight Zone”

No Child Left Behind: An Utter Failure in Vermont

Catching Pearson Test Scoring Error Boosts 224 Virginia Students from Failing to Passing

See an Updated Chronology of Pearson Testing Errors

Virginia Family Says Testing Requirement Impedes Their Unitarian Religious Beliefs

Washington Superintendents Blast No Child Left Behind “Failing” Grades

Feds Failed School Rules Inspire Revolting Response

Why Schools Are Awash in a Wave of Testing

Heavy Criticism of NCLB Waivers on Three-Year Anniversary

Duncan Funnels Millions to College Board for Advanced Placement Testing

Teaching is Not a Business

Test-Based Grade Three Reading Retention Does Not Work

Testing Fixation Leads to Narrowed Curriculum for African American

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