In the Frontline documentary, John Merrow confronted Michelle Rhee with statistics from certain schools showing dramatic increases in test scores followed by equally dramatic declines. And they had this exchange:

JOHN MERROW: What’s your reaction to those numbers? That the gains are phony.


Yeah. I mean, I—again, I—I feel like when you look at a situation like that does it call things into question? Absolutely. And should those things be investigated? A hundred percent. No—there’s no doubt about it. // But I can point to, you know, dozens and dozens of schools where, you know, they saw very steady gains over the course of the—the years that we were there, or even saw some dramatic gains that were maintained. So I think, in isolated places—could something have happened? Maybe.

Retired D.C. teacher and blogger extraordinaire G.F. Brandenburg has started an investigation of the “dozens and dozens of schools” that allegedly saw “steady” or “even some dramatic gains” when Rhee was chancellor.

He will continue his search for the “dozens and dozens” of schools in future posts.

See how great it is to be a math teacher?

Here on this blog we have math teacher Gary Rubinstein correcting the mistakes of the Gates Foundation’s $50 million MET project and now math teacher Brandenburg fact-checking the most divisive figure in American education today.