This teacher admits that he has not ended poverty.

But that doesn’t mean that he has been lazy or had nothing to do.

This is what he does every day.

This is typical of a teacher’s life today. I didn’t know I was suppose to end poverty. My bad. I’m already overwhelmed here in DC. Sorry. I ‘ll add poverty abatement to the list. Thanks for reminding me. In addition, I ‘ll also be mentoring, counseling, teaching, motivating, tutoring, breaking up fights, cheering on and at times being a surrogate father to three-quarters of my students. I do a few other things at school. I also have a life and a wife. I also need to eat and sleep. Plan and grade. Take a college class. Update my website. Make a few phone calls, attend a few meetings, send out and respond to a few emails. So before I forget. When will you join me in this care-free and under-worked profession? My door is always open. By the way, DC Public Schools is always in need of subs. Come on. You can apply online. I’m waiting.