A friend has been corresponding with a college professor in Arkansas. He asked about well prepared students are for college studies. This was the answer he received. As usual, in the current world of education, no one’s names will be mentioned for fear of offending the vindictive and powerful:

“How are you????

“In response, from the Higher Education end, we see these overly tested students and it affects them through their senior year. They expect you to tell them what is going to be on the test, review that, give them the test over exactly that material, and then review the entire test on what they missed.
They do not know how to take notes, outline a chapter for studying, what their learning style is, how to use deductive reasoning and have no critical thinking skills. This is common talk amongst University professors.
In my human physiology class, I have to teach note taking skills and resist them when they want study guides, word list, etc. Anything that is spoon-fed is what they want. NCLB Baby Birds.
Given all these paper tools and a plethora of online tools, they are not used. We can track their usage statistics. I don’t think they know how to use them to self-educate or supplement what they are to be learning.
They cannot Google because they do not know how computers work, the guts of it all, like Boolean logic.
Therefore, they will not be prepared for the workplace after a degree if they are allowed to be No College Left Behind.”