A group called Public Citizen has advice about how to bring down the high cost of prescription drugs:




Hepatitis C. 


Prostate cancer. 

Millions of Americans who suffer from these conditions (and others) can’t afford the medicine they need. 


Because of sheer greed on the part of pharmaceutical companies. 

  • For the 20 top-selling drugs, Big Pharma made more in the U.S. than in every other country on Earth combined.
  • That’s particularly outrageous given how much research and development is paid for by the American people. (The taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health alone spends $40 billion a year on R&D.)
  • In essence, we are paying through the nose not once but twice!

But We the People can fight Big Pharma’s immoral price gouging.

The federal government can overcome patent monopolies by authorizing generic competition — either for products it will pay for (like medicines purchased through Medicare) or for publicly-funded medications. 

Generic competition is a game-changer: The FDA has found that the introduction of generics can lead to price reductions of 95%. 

And, crucially, the federal government *already* has the power to do this — which would be transformative in making essential medicines affordable for millions of Americans. 

To proceed, we don’t need Congress to do anything. The Biden administration can act on its own. 

Tell the Biden Administration:

Use your existing authority to introduce generic competition for medicines. By doing so, you can lower drug prices, improve the lives of millions of Americans, make progress on confronting the epidemics of our time, and improve health equity.

Add your name now.

Thank you for taking action. 

For progress, 

– Robert Weissman, President of Public Citizen

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