Elizabeth Warren has emerged as the fiercest critic of Donald Trump, totally unafraid of his derision, his sarcasm, and his Twitter attacks.


In a speech to the Center for Popular Democracy, Warren tore into Trump as a selfish, narcissistic, insincere, insecure, “money-grubber” who cares not a bit for the travails of ordinary working people.


If you read nothing else today, read Marty Rudoy’s brilliantly illustrated version of Warren’s speech, which appeared on Huffington Post.


Both articles linked here contain a link to the 10-minute video of the speech in which she dismantles The Donald and as Rudoy says, singes off his hair with her fiery rhetoric.


Rudoy concludes:


Senator Warren would make an excellent vice presidential candidate in 2016. But she’d be an even better President. That won’t happen in 2016, but life is long, and she has the brains, the passion and the ability to communicate that the progressive-liberal base salivates over.