Bedford Central Superintendent Jere Hochman poses the inevitable questions:

How did we let this happen?

Could we have stopped it?

What can we do now?

It must end. It will end. What is happening in education today is nothing less than educational malpractice. It is not education. It is bad for students.

Hochman writes:
Absolutely no excuse for cheating, threatening teachers, and the culture of lying.

But where were we in 2002 when NCLB was passed unnoticed under the shadow of 9/11? Why did those of us writing and criticizing the testing movement not press harder? Where were the professional organizations (NCTE, NCSS, NCTM …)? Why did we allow Mr. Obama to drink the Kool-aid left on the DOE table? Why didn’t we expose the Michelle Rhee’s, the quick fix reformers, and charter scammers when we saw what was happening Why did we allow our state legislators to fall into line so they could get re-elected based on test score results (or criticize the other guy for not getting them)?

Atrocities in history raise two questions: 1) How in the world could anyone be so evil, so toxic, so driven that such atrocities occurred? 2) Where were the bystanders and how could they let it occur?

Occupy DOE, keep writing, and then let us all make 2013-2014 be the year the professionals and parents took back public education.