A reader posted this comment:

My children did go to the local public school. The percentage of Title I students has grown at the neighborhood school. We are still living in the same house since 1977. My neighborhood was once considered middle class. Not now. So, no I did not send my kids to charters or private schools. My oldest son and middle daughter did great in public school. The youngest struggled with focusing due to ADHD. He did okay until high school. We had to advocate for him. The difference being that we knew how. Many of our Title I parents do not know how to advocate or are so busy with their own problems (struggling to find work, just trying to survive) that they don’t have or take the time. I think my children received good educations in the public schools. I think all the testing, lack of money, etc. has made public education suffer. I would also say that the majority of my children’s teachers were very good teachers. I think I was a good teacher, as well. Another part of public school that I liked was the diversity. I have adult children who have friends from all walks of life. That is the way it should be.