John Merrow is still trying to get to the bottom of the DC cheating scandal.

During his investigation, he discovered that Michelle Rhee hired a data coach who lives in California to advise her at $85 an hour or $1500 a day when he visited DC. This data expert reported to Rhee’s assessment director.

Merrow heard from confidential sources that the data expert had written a four-page memo expressing his concerns about possible cheating. Merrow spent months trying to track down the memo. He knows that it exists but no one will let him see it. Rhee’s former assessment director won’t answer Merrow’s many calls.

What is in the memo? No one will say and Merrow can’t get his hands on it. But he makes the reasonable assumption that if the memo said “don’t worry, all is well,” the memo would be promptly released. It seems reasonable that someone has something to hide.

Note that Rhee is represented in this matter by a prominent criminal attorney in Washington, D.C.