Maureen Reedy sends congratulations, praise, hugs, and high-fives to the teachers at Garfield and Ballard High Schools in Seattle. May their message resonate in schools across America.

Dear Ballard and Garfield High School Teachers in Seattle,

Your proclamations ring true as patriots of public education!

Your proclamations proclaim our right as educational experts to independently stand up, and let our voices ring loud and clear for integrity, authenticity and educational expertise in our teaching practice.

Your proclamations are just what our country needs to build the precursor to a new Declaration of Independence for Public Education!

Most importantly, your proclamations show our students that we will stand up for them and be strong role models in fighting for what we know is best in creating quality educational experiences and lessons for our kids.

Quite simply, when something is wrong, we do everything in our power to “make it right.”

That’s what we teach our students, that’s how we practice our profession and that is how we live our lives.

Thank you for standing up for our children, thank you for standing up for our profession, thank you for standing up for public education.

Thank you all for your courage and conviction.

Teachers across America stand with all of you!

Maureen Reedy
Parent & 29-year public school teacher
Columbus, Ohio