A reader comments on the National Rifle Association’s ideas for school security:

“Let’s pretend. 100,000 schools would need 100,000 guards, preferably active police officers, who would by a conservative estimate cost at least $100,000 per year apiece in salary and benefits. That’s $10,000,000,000 to start, plus who knows how much more for the added costs of liability insurance, training, equipment, etc. Is this making any sense? Even if it did, how could we afford it? But wait, it may just be another golden opportunity for free-markets and privatization cloaked as public service to step in and save the day. The NRA could follow the TFA model to create GFA, Guards For America. Why, with just a few short weeks of specialized training, newly minted nonunion rookie guards would be ready to serve at half the cost for two years before moving on to that next rung on the career ladder. And just think of the profits that would flow to investors and those at the very top of the pyramid. Imagine that.”