Read here about the “Manchester Miracle,” about an elementary school in Pennsylvania that had only 40 fiction books on its shelves.

The community came together, renovated the library, and stocked its shelves with books.

And then there is the bad news. In Pittsburgh, only 14 of 51 schools have a full-time librarian. Most librarians spend only one day a week at each school.

This is the part I don’t understand.

When I went to public school in Houston many years ago, every school I attended had a library and a librarian. Some had more than one.

Our society is now immeasurably richer than it was then.

Why can’t every school have a library and a librarian?

Why don’t hedge fund managers support libraries?

Andrew Carnegie did, and it made him a hero for all time, enabling people to forget about labor practices at his steel mills. So today, because of his benefactions, he is remembered for his gift of libraries and literacy, not the brutal suppression of the Homestead Strike in 1892.

If the hedge fund managers and equity investors supported school libraries, we would think of them kindly and the memory of 2008 would fade.

Hello, Democrats for Education Reform! How about Democrats for School Libraries?