As a former DCPS teacher from 2008-2012, this system stressed me out so much so that now I’m on 6 different medications. Teaching is the least respected profession in this country, which is sad considering teachers go to college to earn a degree to teach, pay this high price tuition, get a teaching position, deal with the day to day issues with students, raise other peoples children, pull money out of our pockets for supplies, trips, food, absorb their problems, deal with an administration that says things like “you teachers ain’t s#%t”, and the likes of all I just stated. And yes, someone of position told me and another teacher to our face that “you teachers ain’t !@#$. The way I see it, the school system overall is doomed to fail….is that what the people up top want? I think so. Some things are set up to fail and unfortunately teachers are too. I was set up.