Two weeks ago, in response to many readers who were frustrated by destructive federal policies, this blog launched a Campaign for Our Public Schools. The immediate goal was to stimulate an outpouring of letters and emails to the President to let him know the views of many teachers, parents, students, administrators, and concerned citizens. A hoped-for additional goal is to mobilize a citizens’ group to speak up for our public schools.

The target date for receipt of letters and emails is today, October 17. You can still send your emails to this blog or to

All the letters and emails will be collected by Anthony and posted for public review.

Please raise your voice against high-stakes testing and privatization.

Let the President know, let other elected officials know, let the media know how you feel, what you know, what you believe is the right path to improve our schools and the lives of children.

We must raise our voices. We must be heard. This is democracy in action. Join us.