Pearson has sent a solicitation to principals: If you allow us to use your students to field test items, we will give you an IPad or another electronic device of your choice. The principal who sent this to me put it somewhat more plainly: Should I turn my kids into guinea pigs in exchange for a free IPad?

Field Study November 2012

Program Information and Participation Form – Grades 3-7

Dear Principal,

ACT has engaged Pearson in a national effort to try out new test materials. ACT and Pearson have worked together since the earliest days of ACT’s history and share over 50 years of cooperation and experience developing and delivering the highest quality assessments.  We are seeking your participation in a field study that will help lay the foundation for the next generation assessments that address college readiness and the Common Core State Standards.

By nature, educators are future-focused believers in the potential of the next generation.  Their professional ethic is to help young people reach this potential and achieve their dreams.  And, at the highest levels, educators understand the need for systematic evaluation and guidance to pave the way from dreams to reality.  Will you be one of those who help ACT set the guideposts on the path to success for the next generation?

Pearson is requesting applications from districts/schools willing to assist in the development of these test materials while offering an opportunity for your school to generate benefits in return for your school’s participation.

Why Should You Participate?

Educational excellence is the core of a nation’s economic prosperity, and just as data drives the decisions of those who manage corporations, measures of educational achievement inform the decisions of those, like you, who manage our educational institutions. But these measures must reflect such achievement accurately, so, partnership between educators and testing professionals is critical. You are the key.

In return, we will give you a choice of an iPad, iPod Touch, Nook Tablet, or Kindle Fire. For grades 6 and 7, you can select an online administration of ACT’s new ENGAGE 6-7.

Incentive Packages


For every 80 assessments completed:

Grades 3, 4 & 5

2 iPod Touches


3 Nook Tablets


1 iPad


2 Kindle Fires

Grades 6 & 7

80 ENGAGEregistrations

How does ENGAGE benefit your school?

For every completed assessment in grades 6 and 7, one of your students can be assessed, at no charge to your school.  ENGAGE is a low-stakes, self-report assessment that measures students’ behaviors and psychosocial attributes–critical but often overlooked components of their success.  It can assist in the identification of students who may be at risk of academic difficulties or dropout. ENGAGE is anextremely powerful way for educators to improve their graduation rates and directly reach students whose personal challenges go unreported in standardized academic tests.

What Will Your School be Required to do for the Field Study?

  • Fill out the online application:

  • Submit your classroom rosters which include students’ demographic information.
  • If testing online, complete system setup and have teachers participate in an online training session.
  • If testing on paper, receive and distribute materials to your participating teachers.
  • Teachers will administer one to four 30-40 minute tests, with mainly multiple choice items. Tests will also include a few constructed response items.
  • Submit and return materials by designated deadline.

Our intent is to gather data for analyzing our testing program while offering your students an opportunity to practice their test-taking skills at no cost to your school.

Project Details

  • ·         Public, private and charter schools are eligible to participate.
  • ·         The field study is available to grades 3 through 7.
  • ·         The project is to be group administered any time between November 1 and 30, 2012.
  • ·         Each test will cover one of four subjects: English, mathematics, reading, or science.
  • ·         We request schools register to test all of the four subjects. However, if circumstances prevent your school from testing all four subjects please indicate the number of subtests your school may administer.  Please note, if you register for less than four subjects, Pearson will assign the subject tests to you and notify you as to what tests you will be administering.
  • ·         The testing does not necessarily have to occur in a class of the same subject.
  • ·         You may choose to administer the computer-based or paper-based assessment. Minimum system requirements are necessary for the online assessment.
  • ·         No score reports will be available as this assessment is in the developmental phase.

What to Do Next?

1)    Apply online:

2)    Share this opportunity with colleagues who may also be interested.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you.