As the coronavirus surges across the nation, infections are returning to the east coast cities and states that hoped they were done with it.

After New York City suffered more deaths than many states, the city for months boasted a low infection rate. But that rate recently hovered just below 3%. Mayor de Blasio said he would close the schools and revert to remote instruction if the positivity rate reached 3%. It did and today Mayor de Blasio announced that he was closing the schools even though they have a positivity rate well below 1%, even below 0.2%. Strangely, the city is not closing indoor dining and gyms. About 300,000 students returned for in-person instruction. Their parents will now have to make arrangements for childcare.

It’s sad that the mayor is taking an all-or-nothing approach to closing the schools. Schools that have been successful in avoiding transmission should stay open. The data show that schools are not super spreaders.