Angie Sullivan teaches in an underfunded Title 1 school in Las Vegas where many students are impoverished and don’t speak English. She frequently writes blast emails to Nevada legislators and journalists.

Margaret Raymond once joked that Nevada has the worst charter sector in the nation. From Valerie Strauss’s Answer Sheet blog in 2015:

“Be very glad that you have Nevada, so you are not the worst,” charter researcher Margaret “Macke” Raymond said of Ohio. Raymond, from the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, conducts research on charter schools and issued a report late last year that said  Ohio  charter school students learn 36 days less math and 14 days less reading than traditional public school students — conclusions she drew from crunching data obtained from student standardized test scores.

Nevada charter schools continues to be a failed sector, but the money keeps flowing. Even Andre Agassi’s much-celebrated charter school, the Andre Agassi Academy, ended up on the list of the state’s lowest performing schools and was turned over to New York City-based “Democracy Prep.” The Agassi charter had plenty of money but run through multiple principals and staff, and the school was noted for disorder, not for accomplishment.

Angie Sullivan writes:

This is the Nevada Charter Authority.

Charter Authority folks openly discussing giving money to “priority providers”?

Millions to friends?  Acquaintances? Friends of friends?  
Priority is someone with great “scores”?  And the testing protocol is what exactly?  What is in place to prevent cheating?  
How exactly does one become a priority provider? 
You have to “know someone” and have “scores”? 
Several of the applicants cannot fill out the application completely & on time.  
If they miss deadlines, the rules are bent because they are “special” in some other way?  
There was a discussion with a warning from the attorney to not accept folks and give them millions if they cannot fill out the form.
Seems “priority folks” do not have the ability to follow directions, wait their turn, or behave.   
If you google the “priority person” and they are followed by lawsuits and scandals are they still priority?  
Let me be clear.  
There are NO clean hands in Nevada Charters.  Not a single Nevada charter has three years of academic data by campus.  Not a single charter has clear money trails that can be followed.  The Nevada Tax Payer cannot see what charter campuses are doing.  
Zero academic or financial accountability.   
A referral from anyone running or involved in a current Nevada charter – is a bad referral.  
$350 million plus is actually passed around by a handful of folks – including legislators or former legislators or prospective legislators.  
For-profit Academica must expand to cash in.  Is that body a “priority”?  
How nice of the Charter Authority to record themselves discussing how they will be passing out millions to their friends and bending rules to do it?  
This is disgusting.