Salt Lake City station KUTV noticed that the charter industry has a good friend in the Legislature. He has made millions from charter schools.

Journalists Chris Jones and Nadia Phlaum report:

State Sen. Lincoln Fillmore (Dist. 10) is one of the foremost experts on charter schools in the state legislature. That makes sense given that he runs Charter Solutions, a company that from 2015 to 2018 has collected $5.7 million in fees from charter schools.

That is taxpayer money given to those charter schools. As many as 23 different charter schools have hired Fillmore’s company to help them administer their curriculum and take care of back office activities like payroll and human resources.

Fillmore says although he does field questions from lawmakers regarding charter schools, he never sponsors legislation that affects them. 

Fillmore says he has no conflict of interest. Just business as usual.

The report includes a long list of state legislators who are directly involved in the charter industry and vote to enrich their enterprise.

This charter industry is not about education. It is about profits and self-enrichment.