Angie Sullivan teaches in a Title 1 elementary school in Las Vegas. It is underfunded. The state is willing to fund failing charter schools but not pay for the public schools that most children attend. Angie wants to know why.

She recently learned that Soner Tarim wants to open a charter in Nevada. This is the same man who wants to open a charter in rural Washington County in Alabama and set off a firestorm of controversy. This is the same man whose proposal for a new charter chain was just rejected by the Texas State Board of Educatuon.

Angie writes:

Google:  Soner Tarim lawsuit
Why is Soner Tarim pictured at Switch with these local Nevada folks?   
Soner Tarim is a constantly under investigation all over the United States.  As soon as he gets caught – he goes to the next place. 
Someone in the NVDOE needs to be accountable for this and fired.   
Google:  Soner Tarim lawsuit
Folks in other states are contacting me to warn Nevada.   This huge charter scammer keeps reinventing himself and opening charter shells in various states to try to attract investors.  
Why is he opening new charters in Nevada?   Who gave permission for this?   He been kicked out of so many other states?  Does anyone in charge have google?  
Google:  Soner Tarim lawsuit
80% of Gulen Schools have been closed across the world for good reason.  
Alabama just kicked Soner Tarim out for fraud, hiring and other sketchy practices.
Austin, Texas –  rejects Soner Tarim


The New York Times wrote an article about the misuse of federal money.
Memphis denied their application – School of Excellence.
List of Gulen Charters- Soner Charters are listed as low performing and closing or denied. 
Are they funding a terror group using Texas education money?


This is bad. 
We have no education money and this is what we do with the money we have?  Fund a scammer?  
He uses local folks to scam the Nevada Tax Payer?  
Google:  Soner Tarim lawsuit
We do not have money to waste like this.  I’m not convinced the Gulens we have are honest or doing an education service.   Please. Make.  It.  Stop. 
I am
The teacher,