The New York Times is a  great newspaper. It is the most influential newspaper in the world. It has great reporters and opinion writers.

But, sadly, the New York Times has one glaring deficiency: its editorials on education echo the greedy, free-market views of Betsy DeVos and the Koch brothers.

One person, Brent Staples, has written almost every education editorial for many years. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago. He is a brilliant man with a libertarian blind spot. Perhaps he studied under Milton Friedman or one of his mentees.

Whatever the case, the editorials of the Times sound as if they were written by the public relations staff of Charles Koch or Betsy DeVos.

New York Times: The time has come to decide which side you are on: those who care for the common good or those who believe in me first.

Note to the New York Times: defend democracy, not the plutocrats and privatization.