This video is a vivid demonstration of the public school as the heart and anchor of the community.

Mickey Reynolds, principal of Lake Mary High School in Seminole County, Florida, surprised everyone by joining the school’s step dancing team and putting in a very creditable performance. The students in the stands and on the floor of the school gym roared with delight as Ms. Reynolds kept up with her students. She is a trouper!

Lake Mary High School is no fly-by-night. It has been at the center of its community since 1981-82. Take a look at its comprehensive program.

This is public education.

This is a School for all the people’s children.

Betsy DeVos. You lose.

Try step dancing with students.

My money is on Ms. Reynolds.

Ms. Reynolds, thanks for reminding us that the experience of school is about fun and games as well as academics.

For your courage and good humor in daring to step dance with those beautiful students, I name you to the honor roll of this Blog!