Dr. Jim Scheurich of Indiana University and his colleagues have spoken out against the ongoing effort to privatize the Indianapolis public schools. He has developed a brief survey and invites readers to fill it out.

I encourage you to help him. Please revolt the survey if you have your own blog.



A national effort by wealthy, conservative and rightwing, individuals and organizations to privatize schools, particularly those in urban centers, and turn them into sources of profit is well underway.

Some of us fighting this effort in Indianapolis have identified ten elements or characteristics of what we are calling a national model to destroy democratically controlled public schooling.

The elements or characteristics we have identified come from our experience in Indianapolis, public information about other urban centers, and those fighting the same national effort in other cities

However, we are now trying to more systematically collect national information on this destructive model.

Please help us by completing the survey below along with minimal information about you.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jim Scheurich, Professor, School of Education, Indiana University – Indianapolis (IUPUI) at jscheuri@iupui.edu.

Click here for the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/cC8Lrn7a5OPNVpsc2