We know that test scores are more important than anything else in education these days, certainly more important than music or the arts. Right? In Florida, an orchestra director named Kevin Strang gave up his fully tenured position in one district so he could build the music program in another. Although he was rated “highly effective,” Mr. Strang was told on the last day of Teacher Appreciation week that his contract would not be renewed. This, only days before the school’s orchestra was giving a concert.


This parent is outraged. Her daughter plays the violin and admires Mr. Strang.


Not long ago, Kevin Strang won a bonus for his exemplary teaching. He donated it to the Network for Public Education to fight the dominance of high-stakes testing. Kevin Strang brings joy and self-discipline into the lives of students. Parents should rise up to protest his non-renewal and should remember in November to vote for a candidate who will support their public schools.