Jonathan Pelto writes about Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy’s promise to prevents “Wisconsin Moment” in his state. Since his election and re-election, Pelto says, Malloy has inflicted a “Wisconsin era” on Connecticut.



Pelto writes:


“Malloy is saying that the only budget that will get his signature is a full-fledged austerity budget; a spending plan that destroys vital state services and lays-off public employees while coddling the rich and shifting even more of Connecticut’s already unfair and inequitable tax burden onto the back of Connecticut’s Middle Class.


“In his latest diatribe, the ever smug, sanctimonious and thin-skinned bully of a governor has announced that he will veto any spending plan put forward by the General Assembly’s Democratic majority that reverses Malloy’s record-breaking, mean-spirited and draconian cuts to the critically important services that Connecticut residents need and deserve.


“Pontificating that Democratic lawmakers won’t consider “enough spending cuts,” Malloy has – yet again telegraphed that when it comes to the state’s revenue and expenditure plan it is his way or no way. It is a strategy that will require unprecedented state employee layoffs, will reduce the availability of critically important services for Connecticut’s most vulnerable citizens, will mean less funding for Connecticut’s public schools and colleges, and will lead to higher local property taxes for Connecticut’s middle income families.”