Here is the weekly report from FairTest on the progress of the movement to reform and resist standardized testing:


Bob Schaeffer of FairTest writes:


“What a week! A national poll concludes that a majority of parents are critical of standardized exam overkill; more minority parents, students and educators speak out against test misuse; yet another state’s computerized testing system collapses; and the opt-out movement continues to grow in breadth and depth. No wonder more state and local education policy-makers are beginning to heed the message: “Enough is enough!”


“National Most Parents Say “Too Much Emphasis on Standardized Testing,” According to New Poll
“National Race and the Standardized Testing Wars: More Minority Stakeholders Criticize Exams

National Pathways to New Accountability Through the Every Student Succeeds Act

Pathways to New Accountability Through the Every Student Succeeds Act


“Arizona Buyer Beware When it Comes to Conclusions Drawn From Test Scores


“California Test-Based “Accountability” System Hurt Equity


“Connecticut A Failed Application of Standardized Testing
Connecticut Using Standardized Exam Scores to Evaluate Teachers Won’t Solve Anything


“Florida Parents Press for Opt-Out Rights Despite School District Push Back
Florida Superintendent Sets Up Committee to Review Testing Opt-Out Protocols


“Florida State’s Teacher Bonus Plan Deserves an “F”


“Georgia School Policies for Dealing With Opt Outs Vary
Georgia Schools Struggle with Computer Problems with Milestone Tests


“Idaho No Permission Form Needed to Opt Out of Testing


“Indiana Parents Want Say in New State Testing Policy
Indiana More Problems With ISTEP Computerized Testing


“Iowa Why Low Test Scores Don’t Equate to Failing Schools


“Kentucky Less Testing, More Art in Proposed School Accountability Plan


“Maryland School Board Considers Policy to Honor All Test Refusal Requests


“Massachusetts Demonstration Supports Opt-Out Movement
Massachusetts Teachers Speak Up Against Standardized Exams
Massachusetts School Committee Member Refuses Standardized Testing for Her Child


“Mississippi More to Learning Than Standardized Exams
Mississippi Test-Prep is Widespread for State Exams

Teachers prepare students for testing in variety of ways


“Missouri Tests Can Be Flawed Learning Indicators


“New Jersey State’s PARCC Test Joins Growing List of Computer Exams Plagued by Technical Failures
New Jersey How Pearson Plans to Avoid Another Testing Crash
New Jersey Why PARCC Testing Should Not Be Required for Graduation


“Ohio Standardized Tests Don’t Accurately Measure Academic Strength
Ohio Value-Added School Rating Process May Be Evaluated


“Oklahoma Parents Opt Students Out of State Testing


“Oregon Students Again Opt Out En Masse


“Pennsylvania Opt-Out Growth Shows Need for Testing Overhaul
Pennsylvania Time to End Testing Season’s Damaging Impact on Public Schools
Pennsylvania Should Judge Schools Based on Inspections, Not Test Scores

Ideas We Should Steal: Judging schools based on inspections—not test scores


“South Carolina District Requires Children to Reaffirm Parents Decision to Opt Out


“Tennessee State Exam Fails Test for Third Time
Tennessee TNReady Has Been a Complete Disaster


“Texas District Finds Flaws in State Test Grading

Test Score Woes in Lewisville Could Signal More STAAR Trouble Across Texas

Texas Union Sues to Block Test-Based Teacher Evaluation Law


“ACT/SAT Whittier College Adopts Test-Optional Policy


“ACT/SAT Impact of New Khan Academy Test Prep Program is Unproven

Khan Academy, College Board create an SAT practice program, but impact unclear


“The Miseducation of Democrats for Education Reform


“How High-Stakes Testing Inhibits K-12 Innovation


“Don’t Wait For an Act of Congress to Speak Out on Testing


“Network for Public Education Teacher Evaluation Infographic

Network for Public Education Teacher Evaluation Report Infographic



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