Parents Across America reported on an appalling abuse of a New Jersey parent’s privacy.


“Heather Hicks, leader of our newest PAA chapter, PAA-Ocean County NJ, has just posted a devastating video showing how the chief operating officer of iNACOL (the International Association of K-12 Online Learning) gave a workshop at a Pearson conference focusing on her as the prime example of how parents must be managed so that they don’t get in the way of the blended learning steamroller.”


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Hicks is a mother and a teacher of elementary special education. She didn’t like the Pearson program her son used in school. She went to a school board meeting and explained what she didn’t like. The board investigated and agreed with her. They canceled the program.


She thought that was the end of the matter but it was not. A year later, she learned that a tech executive spoke at a conference and used her as an example of how to handle recalcitrant parents. He included her image in his presentation. Apparently she was a case of a parent who needed to be managed in the future.


What nerve! Imagine if you went into a store to look for a new pair of shoes. You tried on several but decided you didn’t want any of them. Later you hear that the company is using you as part of a workshop to train its salespeople in how to deal with a reluctant shopper.


You would think from this encounter that districts are obliged to buy Pearson product and that parents are not permitted to disagree. Whose children are they, anyway?