Today the blog passed 25 million page views.
This is a testament to you, the readers. You send me links to news stories in your communities. Sometimes the blog has breaking news and scoops the national media, not because I have great prescience but because you alert me to what is happening in your state or city or community. For example, this blog reported the Flint water scandal at least a week before the national media, and with more context and background. For that news, I thank our Michigan connections, especially Tom Pedroni of Eclectblog. 

The purpose of the blog is to provide a platform where friends of public schools can get informed, make their views known, and discover that they are not alone. Sometimes when I read about the latest assault on public education or teachers, I think our country has gone mad. But I couldn’t keep up the blogging if I thought things were hopeless. I believe that common sense will return to replace the current punitive environment. It will happen because we won’t give up. We will encourage each other, we will discuss and debate tactics and strategy with allies. We will resist. We will not give up.