Governing magazine has named Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois as one of the two least effective governors in the nation, along with Governor Ricketts of Nebraska.

Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has been stuck in a stalemate with the legislature, which is controlled by the Democrats. The standoff centers around his veto of the Democratic-backed budget. As a result, the state has been without a budget since July 1. Federal court orders, consent decrees, temporary restraining orders and an appropriation bill have kept things running — state employees are showing up for work (and being paid) — even though their agencies have no operating budgets. Still, the state comptroller estimates that continuing governance this way through the end of the calendar year will add $9 billion in costs.

“Social services agencies are closing, our state museum in Springfield and satellite locations could close … lottery winners over $25,000 can’t be paid because there’s no appropriation, and there’s some talk some colleges could close in the spring semester,” said Bernard Schoenburg, a political writer for the State-Journal Registerof Springfield, Ill.

Kent Redfield, a University of Illinois-Springfield political scientist, said Rauner won’t approve a budget until he gets his “turnaround agenda,” which includes curbing collective bargaining rights, a property-tax freeze, and overhauls of the worker compensation and tort rules. “The Democratic legislature is not going to pass the collective bargaining part, but they probably will negotiate on the other parts of the agenda,” Redfield said. “The governor shows no sign of giving up on his demand for the entire package, so nothing is getting done.”

Meanwhile, other proposals by Rauner from the campaign have withered, including overhauls to education and charter schools, economic development, the tax structure, state agencies, and business regulation.