Late last night, I put up a post that congratulated TIME for its “fair and balanced” coverage of the Opt Out movement. I almost called it favorable. I contrasted the article with TIME’s infamous cover stories about teacher-bashing Rhee and “Rotten Apples,” which made the absurd claim that it is nearly impossible to fire teachers but Silicon Valley millionaires were riding to the rescue with a strategy to eliminate tenure.

However, a reader pointed out that the opt-out story was printed earlier on another website. I don’t think we will ever see this article in the print edition of TIME. As I noted in the original post, it was written by an Associated Press writer, not TIME staff.

Until we see a cover story in TIME honoring America’s dedicated, underpaid teachers or a story revealing the investment, involvement and motives of the billionaires in league to privatize public education and destroy the teaching profession, we will continue to see it as an ally and handmaiden of corporate reform. As a mass circulation magazine, TIME should remember that there are many millions of teachers and parents of public school students, and fewer than 500 billionaires.