The co-founders of the Family Foundation Academy were fired, after allegations that they had racked up some $94,000 in credit card charges to the school for personal expenses.


Amid accusations its co-leaders used school credit cards for more than $94,000 in personal purchases, the Family Foundations Academy charter school has fired the pair, re-shuffled its board, and handed the reins to the leaders of Eastside Charter School in hopes of convincing the state that it should stay open.


The new leaders say the school’s academics and finances are fundamentally sound, and argue that 825 students shouldn’t have to see their school closed because of two leaders’ bad decisions.


“Our motivation is the good of the kids here,” said Charlie McDowell, who is now chair of both schools’ boards. “They have a successful school and it’s just not right for the school not continue because of this.”


Family Foundations was supposed to have its charter renewed at last month’s State Board of Education meeting, but Department of Education officials abruptly postponed the vote, saying they had been made aware of an audit alleging serious financial mismanagement.


Deregulation and lack of oversight lead to predictable problems.