Bob Braun, the top investigative reporter in Néw Jersey, delves into the attack on Professor Julia Sass Rubin and graduate student (veteran teacher and blogger known as Jersey Jazzman) Mark Weber.

He calls it a “war against critics of charter schools” and an effort to silence them.

He writes:

“The NJCSA, which has notoriously failed to police ethical lapses among its own member organizations, invoked state power to silence critics of charter schools while, at the same time, it sought to shame Rubin and Weber by using clueless media outlets to spread the smear against critics whose work is backed by hard, empirical evidence.

“Because charter schools cannot refute the evidence on its merits, they have chosen to try to intimidate those who make the facts available to the public. To ruin their reputations and future job prospects.”

The NJCSA charges, he says, are “utter and complete rot and nonsense.”