Bob Braun, veteran investigative journalist is baffled: the Néw Jersey Educational Association endorsed Cory Booker, who loves vouchers and charters. About 90% of charters are non-union. About 100% of voucher schools are non-union.

Braun asks:

“In the latest NJEA Review, the organization that calls itself a union and supporter of public education not only endorses this pro-voucher, pro-charter, pro-Cami Anderson, pro-Chris Christie candidate of Wall Street, it also provides a forum for him to spread lies and half-truths. How, when the children and parents of Newark are suffering from the agony that is “One Newark,” when the city’s teacher union is under attack and about to be broken, how when Booker already has said he wanted to see Newark turned into the charter capital of New Jersey—how could the NJEA publish this rot?”

He adds:

“I went on a voucher pilgrimage to Milwaukee that Booker helped organize, a trip sponsored by the right-wing organization Education Excellence for Everyone (EEE). He brought us to see evangelical schools operated with public funds where students greeted each of us individually with “Jesus loves you.” He brought us to see Catholic schools kept alive with public money. And it was then that he began his nonsensical mantra—“Public school choice is the civil rights issue of our time.”

“To be honest, I was in favor of school choice until that trip. When I saw what it really looked like in operation, I was repelled. It meant the end of public education as we know it: And that is precisely what Cory Booker wants—and, if he succeeds, the NJEA will have helped him.”

Braun says the NJEA is so desperate to maintain a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate that they support a candidate who wants to privatize public education.

Another explanation is that his opponent on the Republican line is a Tea Party extremist who is far worse–from the point of view of teachers and public education–than even Cory Booker.

Is it best to make a deal with someone like Booker or to send a message to the Democrats that teachers and parents of public school students will not vote for them or send them a dime until they end their privatization policies? That’s why I Am voting for the Green Party in the Néw York gubernatorial election. Cuomo is a tool of the charter industry, and I can’t vote for him. If I lived in Néw Jersey, I would not vote for Cory Booker. Bob Braun calls him “the Manchurian candidate of rich, white people who don’t live in Newark but want to control it and its people and, most of all, its real estate.”