A letter from a teacher. He echoes my sentiments exactly. Stay and fight. Resist. Don’t let the teacher-bashers win. Not only are teachers “in the trenches,” but now teachers are engaging in trench warfare, holding on to their professional ethics and fighting for their students against powerful forces. Be there when the whole phony “ed reform” ideology collapses, as it will.


Here is good advice:


As a teacher of almost 20 years I am kind of getting tired of all of these “resignation letters”. Don’t these teachers realize that quitting is EXACTLY what the ed-deform crowd wants them to do? The ed-deformers want a constant churn of young, cheap labor. They want easily manipulated new teachers who will never become vested in a pension. They want teachers who will keep their mouths closed and do what they are told. They don’t want anbody to stir the boat. Most of all, they want QUITTERS. I say stick it out and fight the good fight! Be a thorn in the side of the ed-deform crowd. Never quit. Make the ed-deformers quit.