An invitation to join a new website and share your stories about the Common Core tests.

Hello friends,

I am writing with exciting news about, a national website created to gather on-the-ground feedback about the new Common Core tests being piloted this spring.

Your help in spreading the word about is critical. With this new forum, parents and educators across the country can share their real-life experiences with PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and other standardized tests.
Any decisions about the future of these new tests ought to be informed by the voices of those who have experienced the tests firsthand – that’s why is so important.

I am asking for your help in two ways:

1. Visit Read what others are saying, and add your own voice to the mix. If you are the parent of a child taking any of these new tests, if you are a teacher giving the tests, if you are a superintendent leading the implementation of these tests – log in and tell us what you have observed. Remember: please be as concrete and detailed as possible when writing. The more grounded we can be in real-life specifics, the more accurate our emerging picture will be – and the more influence we will have in future policy discussions about standardized tests.

2. Spread the word. Share the link to with anyone in your life who may have some connection to standardized testing in K-12 education.

Working together, we can generate a powerful and illuminating national discussion about PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and the other Common Core-aligned tests.

Thank you for spreading the word about, and please feel free to let me know how I can help you join the conversation.


One more note: was developed independently by a steering committee of education leaders from across the country. The site is not supported by the testing industry, or to any departments of education at either the state or national level. As you can see when reading the biographies of steering committee members, there is quite a range of experiences and perspectives among the group. We sought out this range of viewpoints quite deliberately: the site is not intended to push the conversation in any predetermined direction. Instead, we hope to promote the most vigorous conversation possible, one grounded in details about real-life experiences with the tests.

The Steering Committee for

Richard Allington
Carl Anderson
Kylene Beers
Henry Braun
Lucy Calkins
Anthony Cody
Kathy Collins
Eric Cooper
Tom Corcoran
Smokey Daniels

Steve Leinwand
Mary Ehrenworth
Anne Goudvis
Stephanie Harvey
Julian Vasquez Heilig
Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Peter Johnston
Bena Kallick
Ellin Oliver Keene
Patricia Kinsella

Robert Marzano
Mariana Souto-Manning
Jay McTighe
Debbie Miller
Pedro Noguera
Nancy Carlsson-Paige
David Pearson
Robert Probst
Gary Rubinstein
Alan Schoenfeld
Rick Stiggins
Grant Wiggins