Mayor de Blasio and Carmen Farina approved most of the Bloomberg administration’s charter co-locations, to the outrage and dismay of public school parents whose schools will lose space to the new charters.

Parents at the schools that will receive co-locations are furious and issuing press releases denouncing de Blasio for betraying them.

Of 49 co-locations rushed through in the dying days of the Bloomberg administration, the de Blasio administration approved 39, put one on hold, and denied 9.

Three of the new charters that were turned down belonged to Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter chain, and one of her existing charters was told to find a new home.

Eva is furious too. Unlike public school parents, her board has deep pockets. She has unleashed a blitz of TV ads and plans to bus thousands of students and parents to Albany for a rally on Tuesday.

Groups opposing Eva will hold a rally in front of the Department of Education to protest Eva’s TV blitz.

Interesting to note: In nations with successful school system, the community unites behind their schools. The schools don’t compete for space or money. They work together towards a common goal: educating the children of the community.


Parents to Demand Wealthy Charter School Ad Campaign Backers Use Money to Pay Rent


Outrage Grows as Moskowitz Tries to Sabotage City’s Pre-K Advocacy Day in Albany 




*TODAY, FRIDAY 2/28, 10:30AM, 

52 Chambers St./Steps of DOE*


WHAT: Following the charter school industry’s new multi-million dollar ad campaign, parents impacted by co-locations will join the city’s leading education groups in demanding wealthy charter school backers put their money towards paying rent.


The controversial ads come as a major charter chain operator, Eva Moskowitz, announced plans to close her schools next Tuesday, to lobby for more charter school funding. Her lobby day is scheduled to compete with an advocacy day for universal pre-K on the same day, a fact that has angered parents across the city who believe pre-K is an urgent educational priority.


*Facts on troubling funding sources for ads will be presented*


WHO: Parents and community members from New York Communities for Change and the Alliance for Quality Education.


WHEN: Friday, Feb. 28th – 10:30AM


WHERE: 52 Chambers St. Lower Manhattan, NY.


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