Dear UTLA Members:

I am writing to urge you to throw your full support behind the candidacy of Monica Ratliff for the Los Angeles school board race.

Monica deserves and needs your help.

I know you endorsed both her and her opponent. I am calling on you to help your colleague.

Her opponent has collected over $2 million from the the same wealthy elites, the billionaires and millionaires who tried to unseat Steve Zimmer.

Monica has no wealthy backers. What she has to offer is her deep knowledge and understanding of the children and schools of Los Angeles. For eleven years, she has taught in a high-poverty elementary school. Before that, she worked as a public interest lawyer on behalf of people who are poor.

Steve Zimmer won because he had your support. Monica needs you now.

Monica is a teacher, a member of the UTLA, and was elected by her school colleagues to serve as their delegate to your house of representatives.

Although Monica was endorsed by all the major newspapers in Los Angeles, which recognized her superior qualifications, she needs the help of her fellow teachers to win.

And that is why I am writing this appeal to you to withdraw your endorsement of her opponent and put your full support behind her. She needs you. And the children of Los Angeles need her to speak for them.

An upset victory by Monica would send hope to teachers and parents across the nation.

Please send a message to the nation:

Public education is not for sale.

Support Monica Ratliff.

Diane Ravitch