According to the results posted in the Los Angeles Times, with 100% of the vote counted but not certified, Steve Zimmer won by 52-48%!

Assuming that no one discovers a precinct with thousands of uncounted votes, this is a stunning upset!

Zimmer faced the combined opposition of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, billionaire Eli Broad, billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, Michelle Rhee’s teacher-bashing StudentsFirst, the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times, and an assortment of Hollywood elite executives.

Millions of dollars were amassed to knock Zimmer off the school board.

Score: Zimmer beats billionaires!

Friends, there is a huge lesson here for all of us in the Los Angeles race.

We still live in a democracy. An informed public will not be bought.

Those of us who support public education are many. Those who want to privatize it are few.

Steve Zimmer’s victory is a victory for all who care about the future of our public schools and the well-being of our society. His victory is a vote against privatization of a basic public responsibility.

They can’t buy us and they can’t intimidate us.

We won!