Coach Bob Sikes in Florida knows how phony that state’s A-F grading system is. (This was confirmed recently by Matt Di Carlo of the Shanker Institute, who pointed out that the state changed the system to improve the results.)

Now he finds that Oklahoma State Superintendent Janet Barresi is copying the Jeb Bush playbook.

This is hardly surprising because she is a member of the Jeb Bush group of rightwing state superintendents called “Chiefs for Change.”

Barresi wants Oklahoma to grade its schools with a simple-minded A-F grade, just like Jeb Bush did. If Jeb did it, it must be right. Remember the “Florida miracle”?

Unfortunately a group of Oklahoma researchers examined her proposal and sharply criticized it.

No problem for Barresi. She has been going around the state telling people that the researchers have recanted their views. Except they haven’t.

Before Barresi was elected superintendent, she was a speech pathologist. In 1984, she became a dentist. Later, she opened Oklahoma City’s first charter school and served on the board of another charter school. She is a big supporter of privatization.