If you saw John Merrow’s program “The Education of Michelle Rhee,” you will remember that there was one educator willing to go on camera and say, “Yes, I saw cheating. I locked the tests up and the scores dropped.” That principal is now under attack by Kaya Henderson, Rhee’s successor.

I urge you to read this article.

This is the chilling inside story that did not appear on the air. This is a story of fear and intimidation, of cheating and covering up. This is a story of people afraid to talk and people who did not want the truth to come out.

How I wish this shocking story had been on the air instead of the tripe about eating a bee.

John Merrow writes on his blog:

I’d like you to know more about Adell Cothorne, who spoke openly about what she saw at one school in Washington, DC. You met her briefly in last night’s Frontline program, and she’s being attacked openly now by the current Chancellor. I applaud her courage and want you to know that she was one of a very small handful of people in the know who were willing to speak on the record about Michelle Rhee.

As we pointed out on Frontline, the widespread erasures (almost always ‘wrong’ to ‘right’) on the DC-CAS during Michelle Rhee’s first year, 2007-2008, were never investigated. In her year at Noyes Education Complex, Cothorne insisted on tight security, and test scores dropped–plummeted is a better word.

The details are in this post, along with more from Adell Cothorne. http://bit.ly/TLEsou

I will be writing more about this in the near future.

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