This is the most revolting article I have ever provided a link to. It is written by some money-grubbing entrepreneur who boasts that for-profit businesses are necessary to provide the innovation that education needs.

His insult to my friend Anthony Cody sets the tone (the article originally had the subtitle “How I Kicked Anthony Cody’s Ass,” but it was changed by the editors as “playful” but “out of bounds”</).

Apparently this guy was annoyed when Cody had the nerve to challenge the Gates Foundation for facilitating the privatization of public education.

I say we need more teachers like Anthony Cody and fewer profit-seekers.

For-profit businesses are valuable for supplying goods and services but I have not seen any evidence that for-profits should run schools. Their bottom line is making a profit, not making good education. The way they make a profit is by cutting costs, and they do this by replacing experienced teachers with low-cost, inexperienced teachers, or replacing teachers with technology. They don’t ask whether it’s good for children or whether it improves education, but whether it increases the ROI (return on investment).

The entrepreneurs create these sham schools for other people’s children, not their own.